Tage's Frozen Corner of the Word Wide Web

There used to be a big website here. From about 1993. These days everything is blogged. My current blog is named Livet som det er her.

Over the years I have maintained several blogs. The blog Frosset og Tint covers the period from Februar 2003 to August 2006. Then, as I slowly woke up, I maintained Lasarus from August 2006 to June 2008. Each of them cover an important phase in my life.

Furthermore, if you're into motorcycles, you will find quite a few Ride Reports on ADVrider.com (in English) or in the blog GiroToscana (in Norwegian).

In addition, real world activities can be found in Tuscany.

If you think this page looks odd and old fashion, rest assured that you are right. This was what "the Web" looked like in 1993. I'll leave this page As Is to make sure I don't forget.

No this page isn't powered by Zope any longer, but it used to be.

Lykke = -23

Some comfort might be found at The Complete Review.